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Who We Are

Hi there! We're Alexis and Cristin, two friends who created Because Cookie Dough because we were unsatisfied with all the processed junk and artificially sweetened snacks we were surrounded by in college.
While Alexis was studying to become a Registered Dietitian, she found herself spending a lot of her free time baking healthier versions of her favorite desserts. Unfortunately, it was time consuming and expensive to hunt for dozens of different ingredients to bake with. She wanted a ready-to-bake dough or batter that was made with high-quality, nutritious ingredients. While she found plenty of gluten-free or vegan options, everything available was made with high amounts of refined sugar, filler ingredients, and left her feeling guilty after eating a even a small amount. 

Cristin is originally from Hawaii where she fostered a deep appreciation for nature and community - an appreciation that continues to guide her in all aspects of her life. Since the beginning of Because Cookie Dough in 2015, Cristin worked closely with Alexis. Not only did she do the design and brand for the company, she often lent an ear to Alexis when it came to other business decisions. After Cristin’s second year at Dollar Shave Club, she desired an opportunity to dedicate her time, energy, and skill set to something that she believed was more meaningful and impactful. So, she made the decision to make it “official” and partnered up with Alexis to grow Because Cookie Dough!  


What we make

We were inspired to create Because Cookie Dough because we wanted to eat our favorite, nostalgic treats not just as an indulgence, but as an everyday snack.  And who wouldn’t want that?We make single-serve cookie dough and brownie batter cups that are made with a whole grain, gluten-free flour blend and sweetened only with organic coconut sugar. They are made with better-for- you ingredients that will keep you feeling fuller for longer so you can indulge without the regret! You can eat them raw or microwave them for a warm, gooey treat. Enjoy them at home or on-the-go for a guilt-free treat anytime!